The only thing serious about this space is that it's seriously me.

This is not a spoiler free blog though I do try to tag everything appropriately.

I'm a 25 year old writer, working woman, poet and my long time goals are to finish a series of fantasy novels I'm working on and get myself and the play I'm writing to New York.

I Glee. I Glee hard. I also love many other things including all things Sherlock Holmes. Except that one thing...

This is not an Elementary friendly blog. As far as that goes this is a no fly zone. My personal blogging ethic is to live and let live. If you like it, that's great enjoy it. I can scroll past things I don't like. Hate blogging is whack so I don't engage in it. But I am a person, and I do dislike it, so every now and then I say something that express that. If you can handle that great, if you can't, this is not the blog for you.

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@hotnclevelandtv: This Wednesday you get to meet Victoria’s son played by the amazing @ChrisColfer! 

@hotnclevelandtv: This Wednesday you get to meet Victoria’s son played by the amazing @ChrisColfer! 

On delayed fics and movie scripts.

So I’ve been super busy and not able to get as much done with my fic as I’d hoped.I appreciate you guys bearing with me through this. :) While it’s super exciting for me to have a passion project eating up my life I know I can’t exactly bring you guys with me day to day, and waiting on fics to update is a unique form of torture.

I hope you understand what having this opportunity means to me however and I can only promise that the story is not abandoned and will see a proper finish (before we’re all dead hopefully).

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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

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Beyond 'Game of Thrones': Exploring diversity in speculative fiction


An excellent article by Mindy Farabee. Covers historic texts and highlights some of speculative fiction’s rising stars…and discusses some of the publishing industry’s facepalm moments: Wierd Tales magazine and Victoria Foyt (author of the terribly racist “Save the Pearls" books) this means you! Read all about it.


"Ghost of the past."

Finally finished this. I just can’t make Steve’s face right I give up.